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Questions and Answers about irrigation systems

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Q: How can I be sure I will get a good system?

A "good"system is one flexible enough for your watering needs, it will put the right amount of water in each area, and it will keep operating year after year with minimal maintenance. Your satisfaction with your system will depend ultimately on three things:

  • The quality of the components
  • The design of the system
  • The craftsmanship of its installation

Q: Does my installation contractor have to be licensed?

Irrigation systems are directly connected to your city water supply. They must comply with state and local codes for connection to the potable water supply. Your city building department can tell you what kind of license is required in your area.

Q: Will the Muellermist system be custom designed for my property?

The design of your Muellermist system will take into account such factors as changes in terrain elevation, sunny and shaded areas, and the landscape planting in place or planned. These factors are important in determining sprinkler placement, zoning, your watering schedule and the length of watering times.

Q: Will there be a piping and head location plan for my system? Will I receive a copy of it?

Your Muellermist representative will survey your property to determine design requirements and to estimate the cost of your system. Before installation, a detailed plan for piping, sprinkler location and system zoning will be made. After your system is installed, you will receive a copy of the as built plan.

Q: How do you determine what water pressure to use in the design of a system?

The piping and hydraulics require a specific water pressure to insure the proper operation of your system. In some cases if available water pressure is not adequate a pump may be required.

Q: Will the Muellermist design and equipment help me save water?

Your Muellermist system will use the most efficient type of sprinklers and nozzles available to put just the right amount of water where it is needed. Your watering schedule will also be planned to minimize waste runoff, wind drift and evaporation.

Q: What do you do to avoid damaging existing landscape?

Your Muellermist representative can design a system that wont require moving existing plants. It may require some hand excavation. If your property is not yet landscaped, Muellermist will work closely and coordinate the installation with your landscaper accordingly.

Q: Will I be able to set the controller to comply with my City / Village watering schedules if necessary?

Yes. You will be able to program your controller to accommodate various schedules determined by your City or Village, including watering while you sleep.

Q: Can my system have an automatic override that keeps it from watering unnecessarily when there is enough rain?

Yes. The rain sensor senses heavy rain fall and shuts off power to the valves. The program you set in the controller is not disturbed, and your system will begin watering again on schedule when additional water is required.

Q: Are all pop-up spray heads alike?

All pop-up spray heads are definitely not alike. Muellermist installs a select group of heads for low or high cut turf grass and ground cover applications. All sprinkler heads installed by Muellermist are made for many years of reliable service. Muellermist uses nozzles that offers the designer and almost infinite variety of arcs, angles, flows and precipitation patterns for custom designing your system.

Q: What about rotary heads?

Heads that turn while throwing out a stream of water are best suited to large open areas, areas where pure economics or low gallonage water supplies make fixed spray heads impractical. The area of coverage will vary with model and available water pressure. Some models are suitable for open areas in residential systems. Rotary and spray heads are often combined in the same system. Separate control valves and controller station timing will be used to control variations in rate of application that exists between sprays and rotary heads.

Q: Will the quoted price for my system include all extras, such as the required backflow prevention devices, meter up size (if required), taxes, etc?

Yes. Your Muellermist representative will quote you a price for a turn key system.

Q: What about the after-the-sale service?

Muellermist has trained service technicians and a stocked inventory of the parts necessary for prompt service. You may want to ask about the benefits of pre-scheduled maintenance.

Q: Will my system be warrantied? Who backs up the warranty?

Yes. Your Muellermist system comes with a complete parts and labor warranty.